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Appetite for Destruction (hardcore)13


Eight tracks including music by Data, Hedonist and Nasenbluten.

***refer to my hardcore archnemesis: hardcore-love" rel="external">***

(Followed by @alin1618's mix "Fear of Noise")

8 tracks
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oh man, you're trying to scare me, aren't you? well bring it on!! this is too much fun anyway... :) and with a fellow math geek!! that is too cool!!

Math is the only thing I like and I'm good at.
You're right ,Nasenbluten is a very special bookmark in hardcore scene. I just think it's cool you got one of their records, unlike me, the only record I got is a crappy local hip-hop band I got as a present in 6th grade .
I'm not sure how I am going to respond to this mix, I'll have to bring out my special hidden weapon. Be prepared!

and while we're talking about nasenbluten, i'm gonna brag and say i have that picture disc shown above!!! i think the nightsoil ep was my first record believe it or not! weird...

and it's so cool you mention the temper tantrum track b/c that one is totally special. i heard it out at a party, maybe twice, both times in a huge venue and that sample, the one a little less than half way through the track, the echo-ey one with the three descending notes, man when you heard that it was like the only sound in the place echoing and building up and just getting everybody into it and dancing like crazy... man, those times were fun!!

sounds yummy though... mmm... yes, nasenbluten is my fav! and next to that and xylocaine, temper tantrum is definitely amazing! but yeah all those guys are such geniuses... so wait, are you really a mathematician too? or are you taking summer classes?

Thank you!
Nasenbluten and Temper Tantrum are amazing. What am I saying? each song contributed with it's own destructive way.
Speaking of appetite I've been eating mushrooms with sour cream for the last half hour and I can't stop. How's that for a destructive appetite?