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Autumnal Bliss (electronic/rock/video)13

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Watched it, it's a pretty cool thing! The dancing was great and the video was filmed with a lot of style too, particulary the black and white parts. Thx,

didn't anyone watch that video? the one for the last song? i'm tellin ya, it's totally worth it! it's only about 4 minutes and the choreography is absolutely amazing!!

thank you! i should have given credit for the pic; it's from Mogwai's Mr. Beast. i really like that album cover, too. and thank you so much for the feedback. i have to admit that this is one of my favourite mixes i've done. i'm glad you happened upon it! thanks!

by the way, check out my Addiction mix if you get a chance. it's pretty new wave-y. the first song is really great. let me know what you think!