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Baby Girl (rock/country/punk/jazz)13

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Yep, and you easily get company by mixing a lot of the stuff you keep on mixing... oh, I forgot to like/luv this one here too.... *click .. . & done!

oh man, that's a bummer, but i feel ya. i've been getting a bunch of these mixes outta my system b/c i gotta lock down soon and bury myself with work too. i know i'm gonna unhappy and withdrawn as well, but doesn't misery love company? :)

@aunt13 : Thanks! It's kinda springtime here - so I got two (strange) spring-weekend-flavored mixes in mind. But I also got some usual business and lotsa work to do here which fortunately prevents me from getting to happy at all, yeeah!

@DJ_Dim_Mak: your Beneath the Pale pic is moscow? neat! i thought you were talking about your pic in your interview. is that san fran?
@leiwandesk: hey, are you still upset? hope you're feeling better. you sounded like how i usually feel... happy days are here again indeed! :) i can't wait for that mix btw...!!

Ha Ha! Maybe the best tune for me now - because I'm so upset for some reason I cannot even figure out, but anyway... so said the clown... btw. MM will be featured on one of my upcoming mixes: happy days are here again, yeaaaaa.... *ironymodeoff*

I'm not much of a country fan, but Idef prefer the older stuff to the newer. I used that pj in this mix: btw, the bacground in my mix is moscow. yes, that moscow.

thanks for the compliment on the pic! yours is very cool as well, cool background. and yes, i've been overdoing the pj as i do a lot with my artists,... do you remember which mix you used the Devil in...? and what do you think of the country? nice surprise? i'm not sure if anyone else is a country fan...