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hey @cat_dentures: *sniff* i think i can speak for @alin1618 and say that we're sad that you won't be joining our DueWets this time but understand about school. i graduated in May but before then did not have time for anything. i hardly have time now either! but next time...
@alin1618: ok,... i'm psyched for this mix!!

haha. Same here. I only just recently understood what it was about. and alin, thanks, but I think I'll just sit back and see what you two put together :] haven't had much time lately to mix or listen to music due to classes.

yay!! glad to hear about tom petty. kinda the same for me too. i used to hear the song on the radio years ago and now finally own it instead of just coming across it by chance. and back then, i don't remember if i was aware of the druggy connotation :)

hardcore electronic and techno sounds great! we could do something else later on if I'm not incapacitated in a tragic accident anytime soon, so yeah, that would be fun! And we'll ask Cat if she wants too?

Wow. That's the most punk rock I've heard Cinema Strange get. Good find! Really loving Romeo Void and Mazzy Star as well. AND I'm very happy to hear Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers because I used to hear that song all the time but had no idea who the artist was... until now. So thanks for that :]

I hope you can get back soon, I do believe you'll find my recent mixes interesting. They're not going anywhere. Oh! and btw, we should do a duewet sometime, what do you think?