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Blue Frenzy (sujin bday mix)

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thank you! yeah, about the JB's, i heard that track at a record store recently and recognized the Public Enemy sample. i was elated to discover it!

Thanks for this mix, it's perfect. Fantastic tracks by the JB's and Sonny Stitt with Bud Powell. Also, thanks for reminding me how much I loved Billie's voice. I really should listen to her more often.

oh, actually, i should be wishing YOU a happy belated birthday! this is for a different sujin, my sis-in-law actually. i made her a mix of ella and billie and the transformers pic, it's all in honour of her. thank you though! mine is coming up unfortunately... :(

man, you're really makin my day here. thanks for the awesome comments. you're so genuine... wish there were more like you, thank you. i need all the encouragement i can get!