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Fine selections here - esp. Songs for Sinners. Multiple is a great album, one I've revisited recently. Have you given a listen to Henderson's album with Alice Coltrane, 'The Elements'? Another great LP.

thanks dude! multiple is a new one to my collection actually. i'm getting more into henderson these days. and thx for the recommendation. i have not listened to The Elements and am about to get it right now! yay! i'm sure i'll love it, thank you!!

"Black is the colour..." is phenomenal. I'm more familiar with the live version with the creepy piano intro, have you heard it? Both versions are fantastic.

omg that nina, how friggin gorgeous is that piece... i hadn't heard another version. and thanks to you, now i can!!!

also, just a side note, i heard a great story this morning on WNYC/NPR about the song Strange Fruit, about the composer of the song. even deeper than "Black is the Colour..."... they only played a few lines from the song but, jesus, i started weeping right on the bus... god, sometimes they just get it RIGHT, you know? lord, good music is just good music, isn't it? sorry, i'm especially passionate today for some reason... got jazz and classical on the brain...

Speaking of "strange fruit", Nina was always brilliant when she covered Billie Holiday songs! She was one of the very few artists who could compete with Billie.

can you think of any other covers that nina does of billie? i'm gonna do some investigatin now but if you know of any particularly memorable performances, pls let me know!

I ws thinking of "don't explain" and "fine and mellow", that were actually written by Billie Holiday, but there are also a few jazz standards they both did, like "for all we know" or "solitude"...

dude!!!! the first one is AMAZING!!!!! i sent it to like all my family and friends. my dad plays the sax, he's the first one i sent this to. damn!! thank you thank you thank you!