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Chill (indie/rock)13

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not stuff i normally listen too....but was drawn in by JJ and I must say really enjoyed it!! thanks! great live version of 'get it while you can'.

awesome! thanks for your honesty! and that's funny, i'm not normally a janis fan, i mean i love her, but i don't love all her music. and i was apprehensive about keeping her in this, if it would sound ok. but i LOVE every single thing about that version of that song, from beginning to end... so good. thank you so much for giving this a listen!! that makes me so happy that you still gave it a shot even knowing you might not take to it. and you hearted it! <3

hmmm, it doesn't say... i'm going to get back to you on this... i always get these weird versions of albums and not realize it until someone else points it out to me. i found out i had this rare version of the Monks song "I Hate You" by playing it in the car with my friend and he's like, woah, why is he screaming like that?