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8 comments on Crystal Haze (jazz)13

love this mix! was listening to it at work while reading a book on my lunch break. Our new boss is sitting there and without noticing the mix ends and goes to one of your heavy rock mixes, he says to me interesting change of music

I also love Coltrane's ballads (I hadn't heard this one!) and the early Ornette Coleman albums. And of course Clifford Brown! And I have to check out Lou Donaldson too.

hope you liked what you heard. i'm curious what you'd think of freddie hubbard, i love him. and i think he was influenced by clifford brown.

You're probably right, and I loved "Blues from Brenda"! I know Hubbard played on Coltrane's "Olé" and on some albums by Art Blakey.

@tohellwith - i don't know much about jazz myself, but i know what i likes, and these tracks, they just take me away. and some of them were long too but i just went with it. blues for brenda is particularly long but such a good track. love hubbard