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Dancing in Disdain and Shame (guilty 8tracks dj's)13


"A guilty pleasure song you may or may not be embarrassed to admit you love?"

How are our 8tracks DJ's answering this question...?

Match the "shameful" track to the DJ above, or check out the responses and interviews below (excludes the last track, added by me. Mine was taken!). For those I missed, soon to come, follow-up mix...

Nine tracks including music by ABBA, Bee Gees and Bon Jovi.

8 tracks
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@musarter: no guilt in that :) i did the mamas and the papas' california dreaming the one time i did karaoke... and did really well with a friend of mine actually! :) my shining moment :P
@sidekick: yes, i agree with the bon jovi. i wouldn't have thought i could sit through it. but i've listened to this all the way through many times at this point. and it's funny the comments i hear from ppl trying to listen to this at the office. one of the djs emailed me that she plays my guilty mixes at work as an exercise to see if she "could bear having others around me hearing what i was listening to." that's so awesome! :) i'm all about making people around you uncomfortable! tee hee... i mean, unless it's making YOU uncomfortable... hmm... i guess it's guilty for a reason

"hi new neighbours... our walls are quite thin, eh? do you like my singing?" is a conversation i may be having quite soon...

finally! i've been looking forward to this since i got your msg. hmmm... i thought bon jovi would make me gag for sure... this isn't half as bad as i remember it

as you may see with the other mixes, ALL of us are oh-so-guilty... maybe some more than others... tee hee... and yes, i do like the beegees as well... i guess that could be seen as something to be embarrassed about but i'll dance to stayin alive any day! :P