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Dark Serenity (hardcore/dubstep/electronic)13

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@danngo!!! omg you're the fucking coolest! damn, your comment regarding the first song... man, that first track, the hardcore, makes me move against my will. and then reading your comment about your speed robot walk to the computer, i felt like we were partying it up dancing together at some party (i guess they call them "raves," yuck... i hate that word)... like back in the day... so you're a hardcore head too!! i was worried the first track would scare people off but i had to start it with a bang. and love the anecdotes. too funny... i feel like i've been there too... and yes the fulgeance track blew me away. i think i hate dubstep but then i listen to some really creative, intelligent shit... i just can't stand the reggae part of it, you know? i dunno...

wow this mix took me in out and around places i've never seen or been or heard or tasted jezuz would be proud this was mighty fine thx!!

plus michna was next to me makin out with ladies and eatin' lifesavers sluttin' it up. I see why he was eatin the lifesavers though.

saw 12th planet with rusko while back, he was nasty got the party started and tore us apart, like he the momma bird and chewed us up so rusko could fuckin eat us with ease. I died that night.

haha i made eggs and bacon again to a mix of yours this first song has my head bangin and chewin on bacon all at once! and doin a speed-robot-walk towards the comp to type this. love the ending of this song too haha