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Dying For It (Saturday Night Special) (new wave/rock)13

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came for the ween and stayed for the rest, killer mix. most of the songs are from bands i'm aware of, and kind of familiar with, but are mostly out of my wheelhouse. always fun to get some education.

wow, great feedback from everyone. thank you so much! @ cat_dentures, you've inspired yet another mix... i'm gonna go work on that right now... and don't worry, i won't plaster your name all over it again if that bothers you. i just feel guilty when i know someone is responsible for putting great music in my head and in my hands and i don't say something about it!

also, regarding the Black No. 1 track... thanks for mentioning it. i was a little apprehensive about putting it on but i really love that song and used to listen to it as a young one. i was that chick in the song! so it has a special place in my heart... and probably for other goth-ey chicks out there. thanks as usual for the listen!

Still in awe over that closing track. I'm ashamed I've never listened to them before until now. Thank you a million times!

Thank you for the shout out! Love that Stranglers track and the Talking Heads track, both of which I've never heard before, actually :} So catchy. and The Vaselines just kicked in! Oddly enough, despite my past obsessiveness over Nirvana, I have never listened to The Vaselines before. Thank you for the new tunes, as always!