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Fire and Soul (jazz)13


Jazz musicians who are/were April Aries, and who show it, and an honorable notable with an April bday but not Aries. Enjoy!

Freddie - April 7, 1938
Charles - April 22, 1922
Herbie - April 12, 1940
Gerry - April 6, 1927
Stan - April 5, 1925
Paul - April 5, 1950
Stanley - April 5, 1934
Duke - April 29, 1899

8 tracks
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another late-March Aries here.....look at me! no, really, a fine mix played by my ram brotherhood. great job of compiling, auntie. (only an Aries would make a mix of Aries right?)

@noknow @spoonhead hey guys, crazy idea and not sure if you have the time or whatever but just wondered if we could do an aries mix together!! no biggy if you're not interested, just revisited this mix and got the inspiration... Mr. spoon, i believe you, me, and helen were going to do a jazz mix a long time ago as well right? sorry i've been so out of touch lately... well lmk if you guys are interested and/or have the time ( otherwise hope all is well!