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For the Sin I Did in the Law (country/bluegrass/irish)13


For Sean G.

Includes mandolin-plucking and accordion-pumping by artists such as The Mahones, The Pogues, and Bluegrass Album Band.

~Followed by @One-Eye's mix "Night-shrouded"

12 tracks
5 comments on For the Sin I Did in the Law (country/bluegrass/irish)13

thanks again!! i hope you enjoyed this. a little different and i think a first for me with this mix of stuff, def with the bluegrass, i didn't know i liked it before

omg dude, you're too cute. after reading that comment, now every time i listen to that track i start cracking up. you're so right, that guy's voice is too hilarious. tee hee... and for some reason it hadn't occurred to me that he might be faking it :P jeez, talk about naive on my part...

Ah! I've been playing that Melvins track of Ramblin' Man with Hank Williams III on repeat for the past year. It's just that good. What a voice. but this live version is really, really good! The violins add a whole nother feel to it.