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Fresh Darkness (electronic/krautrock/afro funk)13


Eleven tracks including music by 4 Hero, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks and Faust.

Title credited to @Muschelrausch

In reference to the afro funk track: Not the best video but the song is great and there are some good shots (titled "The Ritual" posted by VoodooFunkNYC)

(Followed by @Muschelrausch's mix "Feel.No.Fear.")

11 tracks
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regarding alex bleeker & the freaks, this is not the best song off the album in my opinion, try to get ahold of Animal Tracks. that's an awesome song! i heard it on maystephen's mix... i could probably figure out which one but i'm lazy right now, let me know if you can find it first or i'll send it to you. must hear it!! :)

yeah M, i think i got that from @cat_dentures, good stuff... alex bleeker i got from @maystephen :) the afro funk, i got from around here though, the local radio station WFMU has/had a dj that went to africa and got all these rare records and brought them back over here and spun them on air (and sold some at the record fair for a ton of money!) and in the city they have an afro funk night weekly or monthly which i've never made it out to but would LOVE to go dancing to one day... this summer hopefully. i gotta check out this keziah jones... thanks for that