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I think I found one. I am pretty positive about having heard that Death Cab song in one of your mixes before! Am I correct?

Ha ha, this would be a gr8 idea - to make a photo story out of mix covers! Maybe you could insert some speech bubbles (for a better understanding of the plot only... ) :-p

you were right in the former, 3 different songs, each of them appear in two different mixes, correct. sorry, i guess it's kinda confusing :( i try not to repeat tracks, i hate doing it unless it's for a theme and it HAS to be done in the name of all that is good. i've done that at least three times so far.
@Ogun: thank you for your comments, when you named those three artists and i sat here and thought about it, i had to laugh :)
@leiwandesk: i like your narration. maybe i should make a series out of this and let you tell the story