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Giant Monsters Scream and Yell (rock/new wave)13


Hurricane Sandy visits NYC: Ater the storm* -

Includes artists such as Duet Emmo, Leaves, and Brenda Lee.

*(Just capitalizin' on the old storm like everyone else :P But seriously, hope all is well with everyone affected. Enjoy this mix if you have power and internet.)

~Followed by @himmee's mix "hurricane sandy"

9 tracks
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aw, thx dude. personally i was very lucky. most people i know did not have power for many days. and ppl still don't, which is amazing to me, and very sad. guess it will still take some time to repair all the damage, and some stuff is permanently gone forever which is also trippy... i'm still in awe how bad the storm turned out to be. you're always so used to the "false alarms." i remember the friday before the storm joking with my coworker about the "big storm." damn, were WE in for it.