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give up the funk (rock/soul/electronic)13

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@LCD316 :) cool! i have to admit, i'm new to GC, heard him on npr the other day and he sounded like such a cool person and he's one of those artists i've been meaning to check out

@aunt13 yeah hes def worth the listen. i first heard him when he was in the movie PCU. got me in the mood to get a funk mix going. i need to do my research now

@LCD316 oh shoot that reminds me, i think i owe you something right? didn't you ask me to look something up for you like a few weeks ago? :/ oi, let me check my texts, sorry...

@aunt13 lol yeah it was for a mix i already published. no need to apologze i know how busy youve been lately was looking for a seattle 70s punk band called the blackouts