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Glad to Be Unhappy (jazz)13

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273 likes and counting... Well done Auntie!! Hey, did you know Rosmary Clooney was George Clooney's auntie?

i did not know that actually! wow, she must be kinda up there in age, huh? to play with duke ellington...? i gotta research that... thanks for the background info! and this looks like it's peaking at around 277... but it's been exciting, i gotta say..!

such a sweet mix, auntie. between this and sidekick's 'still falling...' i'm in such a flow of lovely ballads - now i just need the cocktail and the ashtray and a table right by the stage.

hey, i thought i replied to this...? anyway, thank you mr. spoonhead! i love the comparison between me and my girl's mix! no greater honor... thanks so much for listening, dude!!