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Hardly Normal (avant garde/afro funk/electronic/surfer)13

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@cat!! no problemo! one of the first 8tracks mixes i heard and still one of my absolute, all-time fav's. and you still crank 'em out, babe! :P

The Jim Pedersen Theme is strange and fantastic. Gotta check out more of XP. and what an excellent kick-off finale!
+ thanks for including ◎◎◎◯◎◎◎ as a follow-up :]

@daango! love your comments! hypergeek!! devon townsend band!! what a song, right? the buildup... damn! and speaking of igorrr, i thought that sounded familiar... looks like @tohellwith and @daango are up to no good as usual: loved that igorrr track you used in that mix. was that your track choice? i'm gonna check out that mix now... thanks! and btw, i like how you quoted the sample down there, cute :) i like how she's like saying how crazy it all is but fantastic,... i wanted it to be an expression of my mix, that it can be crazy but still all good

oh man hypergeek got my hyped!! Slightly reminded me of Igorrr (check him out if you haven't heard him) heres a good one he is in >>

Studying on views on the existence of God and this is flowing like a mo flow! ha! Plus gotta love XP, especially this song =] its fantastic! hehe

are you? awesome, i've grown to appreciate them now... little known fact, in addition to hating reggae, i also don't really like the beatles either (surprise), except for a few songs i actually really do love but on the whole, not something i usually advertise... ppl love reggae and the beatles :(