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Her Life is in Your Hands, Dude (8tracks challenge)13

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ah, how cool! i guess this comes right after my other mix automatically b/c i came across this just a day or two ago and thought of you. in fact, i was just about to email you b/c i wanted you to do this, and you have one already!!! gonna take a listen... gonna be good...!!!

8tracks Challenge:
Title must be a quote from a movie. Her Life is in Your Hands, Dude
1. A song from the last record you bought. Units Warm Moving Bodies – Digital Stimulation - 1979
2. A "blues" song. Does not have to be from a blues record, but a song that is labeled "____ blues" Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash – At Folsom - 1968
3. A song that will get you going in the morning. Lucky – Radiohead – OK Computer - 1997
4. A song from one of the earliest records that you can remember listening to. Simon & Garfunkle - I am a Rock -
5. A song discovered from a film. Goodbye Horses Q Lazzarus -
6. A song about transportation (cars, trains, planes, etc). Car Song - Elastica – s/t - 1995
7. A song from an artist/band that you don't normally like, with the exception of this one. Dream On – Aerosmith – Greatest Hits (1972-1979) - 1980
8. A song with a color in the title. Crimson and Clover – Tommy James and the Shondells - 1968
9. A song with a number in the title. 5.45 - Gang of Four – Entertainmet! - 1980
10. A song that mentions a religious character/religion. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – Killah Priest
11. A song about a book (or books in general). The Book I Read Talking Heads ?
12. A funny song. Dancing Queen Abba
13. A cover song. Clear Spot Scientists
14. A song that you discovered through a mix tape given to you. Elliott Smith Rose Parade Either/Or
15. A song that reminds you of high school. Junkyard Nirvana Unhappy
16. A song that is perfect for a quiet, rainy day. Oh Comely Neutral Milk Hotel
17. A song with the word "Look" in the title. Mantles Look Away
18.s Your favorite Beatles song. Lovely Rita Beatles
19. A song by someone who is now deceased. Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
20. Any song. Rolling Stones 2,000 Man