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I Laugh and Cry (indie pop/electronic)13


About going crazy, and coming back

Includes artists such as New Buffalo, Magnetic Fields, and Broadcast.

~Credit goes to and my melpo mene radio station there :)

~Followed by my mix "Bedtime Lullabies and Mystery Crash (electronic/drum'n'bass)13" :)

8 tracks
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yay!! you're awesome!! thx so much for saying that! after i read your comment, i listened to this again and danced to swift too. it's silly but it DOES feel good, doesn't it? :P thx cno!

d'oh! oh well, sorry to disappoint, my darling. i guess i can't please everyone :( i have to be true to myself sometimes; i have to reveal myself as the awful cheese that i am!! :P (this is aunt btw - too lazy to log off and on right now, sorry. just dealt with some malware that i'm super pissed about right now :~( damn you, malicious hackers!!)

I am usually not prejudiced about popular artists and I give a try to every kind of music however I have to admit that I really don't like taylor swift nor her music and her song was the only piece that I skipped on your list. Other than that you mix made my day better

i know, i apologize, i'm like that. i always have to stick in some track that seemingly doesn't belong. but that track is the reason i made this mix ironically. i never liked her either until i listened to that track yesterday! i don't respect her as an artist but i think that song is freakin hilarious; it's just for ppl who have a sense of humor. i'm glad it didn't ruin the mix for you. thx so much for listening you guys!! i really appreciate it :)

my lil sis likes it .
if it conjures good feelings who really cares?
taylor swift is not an artist she is an musician
meaning her music is simple and catchy
i hear no emotion in the song even though the subject matter is emotional
food for thought.
my opinion of course
im just biased against pop music in general and have a lot to say about it
i agree the song is laughable tho
matters not to I. when the mix is epicly composed auntie true gem to me

aw!! what great food for thought. and thanks so much for your sentiments!! i think you and i are generally on the same page. i am not a fan of pop music, but lately i've been delving into all types of music i used to have a bias against. maybe as i'm getting older, i'm expanding my horizons or whatever... :/ whatever it is, thx SO much for listening and appreciating s always so encouraging to meet likeminded individuals