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It's a Woman's World* (jazz)13


Featuring performances by and tributes to female jazz "non-singers, mastering non-vocal instruments" (plus Garner and Silver as inspired by @DueWets' mix "Cornucopia" - following mix)
* Idea from "It's A Woman's World: Six Jazz Trailblazers" (jazz-trailblazers" rel="external">
Includes artists such as Regina Carter, Geri Allen, and Maria Schneider.

10 tracks
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aww!! how sweet! yessir, i feel you... man, i went to this jazz fundraiser thingy last night... dude, they played Autumn Leaves!! i knew it sounded familiar... i'm like, why do i know this? ty so much for your kind words, mr. spoon :)

I love Horace, Erroll and Alice, and the others are great too. And I love the artwork, where does it come from?

it's called "John Faed, Tam o'Shanter and the Witches" dated 1892 (print year). apparently, it is illustration to the poem "Tam o' Shanter," 1790, by Robert Burns the Scottish poet (

you can thank @pachanka and @sidekick for the silver and garner, their cornucopia mix rocked my little jazz world. thx so much for giving this a spin, dude! so glad you enjoyed it! :)

Oh, thanks! It rings a bell... of course! I think my mom had a song about him. She has lived in Scotland for years, so she knows a lot about scottish popular culture. I'll ask her about that!

Really lovely mix, aunty, and a great concept. Surprised they didn't stretch that article to '8 jazz trailblazers' and throw in Mary Osborne and Dorothy Ashby though.

yes!! i had wanted to include ms. dorothy as well but i got impatient and just went with what i had. thank you so much for giving this a spin!! :) i'm just havin fun thinking up themes these days... i noticed you have a brand new mix with a cool theme!!! looking forward to listening to your new creation/s...! i'm sorry i'm not keeping up so well these days... i'm missing your mixes i feel like... you've put out quite a few lately, haven't you?

hey, the mixes aren't going anywhere! i don't expect everyone to be interested in, or get round to hearing ever mix i put out - and yep, i have put out quite a few since i got out of hospital. i have the same feeling though - i follow so many people that i feel like i must miss some great mixes from some of my favourite 8trackers.