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Kitty and the Ark: There's Blood on My Hands (electronic/rock)13

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hey auntie, yeah I saw MBM in SF, where I live. it was great. a very cool band opened, not breathing, and i've been big fans of theirs for years. yeah, pj's album isn't out yet, just one song I think.

@noknow: i'm glad the autechre track worked well with this. i was scanning my autechre collection and as soon as i heard this track, it resonated with me too, so to speak :) also love primus. so many good tracks. it was challenging to pick just one.
@DJ_Dim_Mak: thanks for the like and listen!! where did you see meat beat; are you out in cali? my friend just saw them last night in chicago. he told me that the show was unbelievable, that no recording could do them justice. damn, i gotta see them live. wow and you're gonna see pj too?! she has a new album out, right?

Guess I'm really feeling those early 90s electro tracks today. MBM is great. Always loved me some Primus. Cool selection thus far = )