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Kurdt Kobain's Top 50 Albums: Part I of III


Thanks to *Emily* and's_Top_50_Albums

1. Raw Power
2. Surfer Rosa
3. POD
4. Son Of A Gun
5. Philosophy of the World
6. Land Shark
7. Millions of Dead Cops
8. Scratch Acid (1st EP)
9. Paganicons (1st EP)
10. Pee Pee the Sailor
11. My War
12. Rock for Light
13. Entertainment!
14. Nevermind the Bollocks
15. It's only Right and Natural
16. Dry
17. Daydream Nation
18. Get the Knack

19 tracks
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argh, for some reason the Pixies track got switched out with some live version i think, i just relistened to this and discovered, to my dismay :( anyway, it's fixed now and replaced with the appropriate track. sorry for the inconvenience, although i'm sure the dj's get more annoyed when these things happen than the listeners but apologies anyway