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Kurdt Kobain’s Top 50 Albums: Part II of III

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you are too much :] ty so much, nice to know i did not disappoint. this one turned out so differently than the last one, but i think i'm happy with it.. i like the chick effect, that's for sure :P

You created this monster; it's beyond my control now.

I agree that this one is quite different, surprising at certain points, but I really enjoy the direction that it's taking.

Hope you find some pleasure in my latest when you get to it.

(for the sake of flow, not necessarily in this order; *24 is substituted for something else due to, ahem, lack of resources. but a suitable sub nonetheless :) enjoy!)

19. Know Your Product
20. (anything by) Kleenex
21. Raincoats LP
22. Colossal Youth
23. Rocks
24. Punk Comp California*
25. Green
26. Burning Farm
27. Typical Girls
28. Combat Rock
29. Void/Faith EP
30. Rites of Spring
31. Jamboree
32. Tales of Terror
33. Leadbelly's Last Sessions Volume One
34. Superfuzz Bigmuff
35. Yip Jump Music
36. Generic Flipper
37. Meet the Beatles!