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Kurdt Kobain’s Top 50 Albums: Part III of III


Part II -

38. We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love
39. Locust Abortion Technician
40. Damaged
41. The Record
42. Flowers Of Romance
43. It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
44. Beach Party
45. The Man Who Sold The World
46. Is This Real?
47. Youth Of America*
48. Over The Edge*
49. So Tonight That I Might See+
50. Young God+

*not represented on mix
+due to interpretation of list (see Part I)

13 tracks
2 comments on Kurdt Kobain’s Top 50 Albums: Part III of III

I don't know that I can rank them, but I genuinely appreciate and applaud your effort. This is a fantastic series!

I'd love to do a duewet with you one day.

Hehe...I fear rejection.

How do I get in touch with you directly aside from leaving a string of comments? Are you on facebook?

oh, oops, i thought i had left my email address with you but here it is i'm a neanderthal in some ways, not on facebook, sorry :(