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As we sat in a dark corner all the way in the back of the room, I thought, Am I cold, or am I nervous? I was beside myself from the minute I had walked in to (le) Poisson Rouge, dubbed The Village Gate by the old-timers. I met Amram after the show with my friend who knew him well. I shook his hand. He was so soft spoken. I could barely hear him when he asked, "Did you enjoy the show?" I leaned over and said, "I'm sorry?"

~Tribute to David Amram with some 1955 jazz

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wow, you're not kidding... what the hell happened??!! i've listened to this a gajillion times and it was fine!!! arghness... sorry about that and thx for the heads up :( i hate when this technical crap happens... i feel like i'm going crazy, i could have sworn it was fine :( moo

I just sent you an email that is, hopefully, pertinent to this and will likely provide a solution going forward.