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Means Without an End (punk/new wave/electronic)13

4 comments on Means Without an End (punk/new wave/electronic)13

i'm glad you enjoyed this! and i'm glad you stuck around for the bionaut. that track is friggin amazing... just takes you on a journey... i really loved ending this mix with that song. and it happened to fit the title, without an end. the track seems to keep it going somehow for me. thanks for listening!!

The Bionaut is amazing. Thank you, this mix has so much good music and I like the way it's structured. Unlike the previous mix, this one is less chaotic and I enjoyed every single song

oh wow! I'm loving this .I'm trying to write a commnet ever since the fourth track, but I can't finish it because I'm being drawn away by the music. Jabladav is crazy next song after that is a favorite, than next song is hypnotic earcandy

For the third track, the D.R.I. track, you may have to turn up the volume. Sorry about that; sound quality isn't so great i guess