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Medication Time (hardcore)13

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lol,... i hear ya. i never used to care about the difference either, still don't 100%, but it helps in discussing music to clump stuff together instead of trying to explain artist by artist sometimes. but yeah, music's music

haha well another reason is that I am never good at identifying them and I'm surely the laziest person in the world to look them up. I usually put music i discover in here to friends and they always ask me what kind of music is this and my answer always is "just enjoy the fucking music"

I'm sure you weren't, I just felt the need to express my personal opinion about them.It was like a paranthesys to my previous comment. Also I think I exagarated when I said I hate subgenres, it's don't feel unconfortable talking about them it's just that they don't appeal to me in an useful way. That's just me you know.

i don't mean to get hung up on on subgenres, but i am picky about techno. it's the only reason i ask. there are exceptions, but i usually don't care for ambient, liquid, acid, jungle (i like drum and bass), happy hardcore, or house. usually if you can classify music into one of those categories, i won't take to it, just b/c my ear won't tune in to it. but i guess that's just me. and as i get older, music doesn't need to be as hard and pounding i guess, haha. you said so yourself, my music has a common thread of weirdness in it, maybe that's all i'm looking for...!

yes, I don't always aim for dark , sometimes a little bit of light is good to me. I don't take happy hardcore too seriously though, I prefer the terror side of hardcore. And yes, jungle dnb is massive!

it's funny, i'm listening to death fuck right now,... that was a last minute decision. but i'm getting a feel for the kind of techno you like. the tuss seems right up your alley. it seems you don't necessarily like really dark, evil, hard techno; you like break beat-ey stuff mainly, upbeat, almost happy hardcore type stuff... am i right? do you like jungle, drum and bass?

i'm glad you enjoyed this mix. some of this stuff really brings me back. i used to listen to medication time and disservice over and over and over again. it's so nice to hear the xylocaine track starting off an 8tracks mix years later. i love the sample in the beginning... is that from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?