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Merry Christmas, Mr. DJ_Dim-Mak!


~For an awesome DJ and friend -

Mr. DJ Dim Mak!!!

***Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!*** Hope you like the mix :)

Includes artists such as Author and Punisher, Plug, and Two Fingers.

~Followed by @dj_dim-mak's mix "12.12.12 - The Mind Bender"

9 tracks
8 comments on Merry Christmas, Mr. DJ_Dim-Mak!

@KatamariCore awesome! i was waiting for someone to comment on the pic. i thought it was pretty cool too, i love all those characters, esp teenage mutant ninja turtles (i think that one's leonardo, although my fav was rafael... remember michelangelo and donatello?? so good, the video game was the best)!

just kinda came across it... i think it came out only about 2-3 weeks ago!! just in time for your xmas mix! :) i really hope you liked this. when i got your name, i was like damn, i got a hard one! making a mix for the master mixmaster.. :P