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Moonlight (classical)13

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thanks dude! i really appreciate that! i've been checking out your mixes too. fine stuff...and i'll be checking out more

wow, i didn't know that. When i first listened to Danse Macabre I was shocked by it's beauty and i recommended to other people and they all said "wow" . It has a special feeling behind it I'm sure. Thanks for the info I'll look it up. BTW I"m enjoying your mixes so far , a pleasant listening.

one more thing, i'm just crazy over danse macabre. especially if you read up on what it's about, it'll tear your heart out. basically, it's about his two kids that died, or rather he wrote it when they died. so it's like, as you're listening, the crescendos really highlight the emotion he's feeling as he wrote this piece, the extreme pain he's feeling, you know? at least that's how i see it..