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More One-is-the-Loneliest-Number Hits (oldies/indie/blues)13


Nine tracks including music by The Sea and Cake, The Yardbirds, and Beirut.

(This was supposed to be a different mix but 8tracks got all crazy on me. Please enjoy the mix that follows this one, even if you listen to this one. Half the same tracks but the order matters in my opinion. Thanks for listening!)

9 tracks
2 comments on More One-is-the-Loneliest-Number Hits (oldies/indie/blues)13

i appreciate the heart and honesty. thank you! i'm curious, what did you dig and not dig? you don't have to answer if you don't want :)

i didnt hate any of it just not my style....of course loved the neil young,yardbirds,s and g and america ....not real big on the cocunut records and beruit and cowsills the later cause my mom use to play it over and over again :) .....but that being said ive been stuck on my musical likes for a long long time :) and i dont think its gonna change a whole lot!

i'm kinda the same way, but i have warmed up to some "modern" music. it can be fun in a silly kinda way sometimes. thanks for that btw! that's exactly what i wanted to know!