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Music and Poetry for On the Road (beat)13


16 tracks / 61 min

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Co-authored by Stephanie Nikolopoulos, my inspiration for this mix. The criteria was for a mix of songs that are about –
--being on the road,
--jack Kerouac
--but not cheesy!

I really hope I achieved this! Enjoy and happy summer!

16 tracks
5 comments on Music and Poetry for On the Road (beat)13

Amazing mix! What a pity that I have to go off temporarily now while still wondering which Neil Yong song you did choose. I'm looking forward to listen to it. Btw. that work on Kerouac's masterpiece actually looks inspiring, too.

lot of great choices made here :) Love that Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkel tracks in here!

im actually trying to make a mox bout a book i just read but having probs finding tracks that work

sounds cool! let me know when you got it published. or even if you want help finding tracks :P but i'm sure you got that covered... and omg, the NY and S&G tracks are some of my fav's in here, songs i feel like i'll never get sick of. for some reason, the hollies song here reminds me of you :)

thanks! im re listening to the mix and DO love that Hollies track :) I also really love that McCartney track as well. I think he played it when i saw him in concert last year and that Animals track is a pure classic im about to put out one mix right now thats sort of similar to my subject of the mix thats gonna take me a lil while to put together. Got alot of lsitening and looking for tracks since there by little bands i havent really heard much of. Trying to find stuff by Tad, Lead Belly, Meat Puppets and Vaselines to name a few

Great stuff! Love that Neil Young choice so much, the whole thing really meets the subject matter to perfection. Also love that you included the reading in the middle.

aw, thx so much for saying that! i'm in love with that neil young track, he's so awesome in every way. ty so much for listening and enjoying :)

sorry for the above. i can't get it to look right so i'm just leaving it. hope it's not too hard to get to the link. i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or what :(