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Neither His Nor Yours (black metal/industrial)13

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You saw them live?? twice?? envy, envy, envy! I can only imagine how amazing that would be. and yes, the opening tracks were great. Also loved the Coil and Throbbing Gristle tunes. Going to check out that Coil album sometime soon. Thank you for the new tunes, music twin and almost-birthday twin! :]

hey! i was kinda thinking the same thing, about being music twins. i've noticed that too. and our birthdays are even only two days apart...! yes, and Opeth rocks! i saw them play Deliverance live twice. oh my god, that song live is just insane! and since you mention it, i do have to admit, i was never a hardcore Otep fan, but i wanted to include them on this mix b/c they're pretty bad-ass, and i kinda wanted to represent women in metal. and that album cover is pretty scary! i'm so glad you enjoyed this otherwise! i personally also really love the Neurosis and Pungent Stench tracks in the beginning, perfect to rock out to! :)

LOL @ the closing track! Amazing that this came out in the 60's before black metal even existed. Anyway, thank you for this mix! You picked out some of the best metal and industrial one could ask for.

Could never really get into Otep. Too much screaming, not enough killer guitar riffs :P I'm just biased because no metal can top Opeth (imo).

Opeth!! I adore them! They definitely make some of the best outros ever. and Mikael has the voice of an angel. Well, when he's not screaming. haha. Which is why Damnation remains my favorite album by them :]

listening to this has made me remember how much i enjoyed loud, guitar-fueled music. are you my music twin, or what? your taste is eerily similar to mine!