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Night Moves (electronic/hardcore)13


For @Deathinteresse and @kinesthesia - for always thinking of me and checking up on me :)

9 tracks / 49 min

Including music from artists such as Venetian Snares, Randomajestiq, and Explore Toi.

(Followed by my man @digimike's mix "Clatter, crash, clack... Racket, bang, thump... Rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, bam!")

8 tracks
7 comments on Night Moves (electronic/hardcore)13

hey chica, this is on my radar - just gotta wait 'til my head stops throbbing! kinesthesia thanks you for the shout out ;)

aw, hope you feel better soon. and you know i love you guys, all three of you :P just wanted to dedicate this one to my buds. check it out whenever you get a chance, no rush