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No guilt, no shame, just pleasure.* (guilty 8tracks dj’s part III)13


"A guilty pleasure song you may or may not be embarrassed to admit you love?"

How are our 8tracks DJ's answering this question...?
*@maystephen (credited for title; see below)
@aunt13 :P

Match the "shameful" track to the DJ above, or check out responses below. Follow-up mix, part IV...

Eight tracks including music by Sylver, Shaggy and Mission Man.

8 tracks
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yes, i do like the lady sovereign track too. even cat's guilty pleasures are awesome! and i just checked the The Mix-Up's Charts... does that go by what we're listening to and what's being scrobbled by each group member? jesus, too funny...

and who does her beats anyway? i mean, i tend to doubt this is actually "her" music... but i guess i could look that up. maybe she does have talent... j/k :)

cat, yes, yes, and yes. your comment with the scrobbler is hilarious! chillin' at the papa sounds like someone i know... and britney spears... she was the most popular guilty pleasure i received! and not just one song either! thanks for the listen, cat!!

Haha I remember when I was 12 my dad bought me the first Britney Spears album. I didn't know how to react so I just smiled awkwardly and pretended to enjoy it as he showed me the music video for Baby One More Time. However, you can't deny that she can pump out some pretty catchy stuff.