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no right and no wrong, and no in-between (indie/rock)13


an eclectic mix of mainly dreamy, somewhat dark, poppy songs i like to dance, sway, and sing along to

twelve tracks by artists such as Pop Will Eat Itself, The Beach Boys, and Belle and Sebastian.

artwork: Sofía González (

12 tracks
3 comments on no right and no wrong, and no in-between (indie/rock)13

I've never listened to Cat Empire before but I really relate to the lyrics in this song. You always have such a unique way of putting these mixes together. I love it! :)

@sepiae oh my goodness... you won't believe this, i listened to this again, and the mix that automatically followed after this for whatever reason opened up with kate bush's babooshka!!

@sepiae i think i lost 'em actually... the one gave up and the other one is going to L.A. for about a week :( when he comes back from L.A. though i'm sure i could get him to take another look... he went through one chekhov book... he has another one at least to go through... we'll figure it out, don't you worry!