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Radiant Blue (jazz)13

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I have no great knowledge of jazz so mixes like this really make my day and teach me a thing or two! Perfect flow and perfect mind-easing melodies.

wow, thx so much, k! that's surprising, i could've sworn i'd heard a jazz mix from you before.. well, glad i could return the favor. i'm always learning a thing or two when i hear your mixes

great mix btw!! thx for the link!

and if you ever wanna do a jazz duewet, just say the word (hint hint :P)!! just think it'd be fun :)

It would be fun! Hint taken :D Since I listened to this mix I've been cracking out a lot more jazz (esp as a smooth, smoky accompaniment to studying) so I'm definitely in the mood for a jazz duewet. I'll email you!