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Reassurance Ritual (rock/new wave)13

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Big fan of the Stranglers the tag caught my eye. I love listening to peoples early playlists. Many people come and go on this site it is great to have someone on here for 4+ years and still going strong. It is a credit to you Auntie. Great playlist......Cheers for that..

@verrierhill i can't thank you enough for your kind comments!! this one especially really made me feel great m so grateful a site like this exists where we can express ourselves musically and find like-minded folks to share our tunes with

@aunt13 No need for thanks. :) I love this site to bits, if there is a complaint it would be people don't show appreciation by commenting enough , Like my music taste my morals are also Old School. <3 :).......

@verrierhill young person... well, i'm not exactly a spring chicken which is why i said that actually :) but thank you for saying so. i like to think that i'm young at heart, or something like that... it was really nice chatting with you! i'm sure we'll be bumping into each other again soon enough!

@aunt13 By your comment below I'm 15-25 yrs older than you. To me that makes you young ,,,,,,hehehehe.......Stay cool Mam.

@midgetshorts: no problem!! so glad to see you like some of my mixes! thanks for checking in! yeah, in aeternam vale, they're on the Minimal Wave label. that label has really great new wave, you oughta check out their website.

wow, those are my sentiments exactly too! i should have been alive during the 70's and i wish i had been older in the 80's...

thank you so much! i'm so honoured that i could play anything new to you. your mixes are always so obscure. i can finally return the favor!