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I made this today. I think it's a fit chapter in our story. Although , initially I intended it to be a part of an electronica series that I've been trying to craft for a while. Enjoy!

The hardcore trip so far:
1st - 10th:
11th: hardcore-13" rel="external">
13th: hardcore-13" rel="external">
15th: hardcore-13" rel="external">
17th: hardcore-13" rel="external">
19th: hardcore-13" rel="external">
21st: this one

i'd like to be more like that, but it's my personality. i'm obsessive... if i like something, i'm going to be all over it until i've exhausted it completely. but i'm glad you're enjoying it. i try to make it interesting at least. i like these battles

I think I just discovered the mind tripping brain shattered sounding like awesomeness of Explore Toi. I'm being over-excited over that song. I like how this starts Xylocaine, Nasenbluten.
You're right it seems as if you're abusing only a couple of record labels, but it's so damn good I don't even care.
I think I get somehow obsessed with diversity. I can't stick to one artist and I'm always searching and changing my listening schedule. I think It's going to be a while until I can take a break.

i put two artists on here from your past mixes, c-tank and disciples of belial! i'm tryin to match you but... it's hard for me to admit... your mixes are a lot more diverse than mine. i guess i generally stick to the same record labels. at least i branched out from Dead Girl and Bloody Fist. i actually have the UFO, Distort, and Exp labels on here! and speaking of which, you have to let me know what you think of the UFO track...!!