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Stay Away from That Girl (oldies/rock/country)13

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@aunt13: To be honest "A boy named Sue..." was the only song of that record I... dislike. You know the reason why now. As far as I can remember this record got some other cheering tunes like Bonanza, High Noon or Wandrin' Star.... unfortunately my parents threw away their rather good vinyl collection long time ago... but I've been working on an 8tracks mix inspired by for months now... so I think it's about to "make it public" soon...
@Ogun: please try to remember, bro, sounds like a masterpiece Monsieur Gainsbarre could have written...

There was a moment of craziness as my neighbour dropped by while the Leonard Cohen song was playing. We started to sing along, making up super silly french lyrics.

hey @leiwandesk! i like your interpretation of the title :) reverse psychology... it worked! heh heh...
and omg, i love your little anecdote! that is the cutest!! little leiwandesk... :) how sweet! when i was little and my brothers would be trying to get me up and outta bed (my parents worked all the time so my brothers and i kinda took care of each other), i can still remember trying to pull the covers up over my head just to have them ripped off me and to have my bros jumping on my bed singing at the top of their lungs, "Wake up little Susie!! WAKE UP!!!" oh god, i really hated that f**king song...! :)