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Suicide (techno/electronic)13

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i considered that quote to be an example of expression through music. and the quote i included b/c i think it's interesting how he's talking about some message in some story that he's TRYING to tell... it's supposed to signify what i do with my mixes. i feel like there's usually some message and that i'm always trying to tell some story. anyway whatever. it's a catch 22. what am i, supposed to NOT say anything b/c i find the english language and its use flawed?

you know yr little box thing is pretty hypocritical.. saying you dont respect the english language and then attempting to use it to solidify yr point with that semi-obtuse ice-t quote.... good mix though :))))

aw, you're the coolest! thanks!! are you into hardcore techno at all? i'm tempted to make a mix of strictly that but that has a really tiny following