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Summer Wasting (indie/rock/90s rock)13


~Summer vacation in winter - on the road - goin' to Montauk!~

*NSFW - Not suitable for work or children (may contain explicit sexual content :P). Otherwise,...

...Listen to with headphones or in a car, loud! :)

Includes artists such as Pop Will Eat Itself, Nirvana, and Pixies.

89 tracks
6 comments on Summer Wasting (indie/rock/90s rock)13

Those were the days, and here we're in the years... just listened to the opening 10 tracks, but gr8 collection so far, auntie! Definitely, not maybe!!

aw, thx man!! :) and yes, omfg indeed, i LOVE tiger lily... just melts my heart every time <3 thx for giving this a spin!

wow long one for you. dont think ive ever seen ya do a mix over 20 before. Im liking what im hearing too :) I do enjoy putting together the long mixes at times. i lose hours of my free time doing so

yeah totally. it was quite a project putting together all those tracks. it had gotten to about 102 but i skimmed it down to absolutes fav's. i wanted to put tracks on here that i could listen to over and over again. this is like my true aunt13 mega mix! :P thanks for the listen (as always!) :)

wow i didn't know you finished the mix, yay!!! thanks so much for listening to this whole thing! hope all is well with you!

tee hee :) yeah, i was in the mood for one of those hugeass mixes ppl do around here sometimes. it was so much fun! it just kept on going and i didn't stop until,.. well, until it was finished! :) thanks for the listen, dude!!