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Sweet As a Nut* (guilty 8tracks dj's part IV)13


"A guilty pleasure song you may or may not be embarrassed to admit you love?"

How are our 8tracks DJ's answering this question...?
*@roryborealis (credited for title; see below)

Match the "shameful" track to the DJ above, or check out the responses below. For those I missed, soon to come, follow-up mix...

Eight tracks including music by Alice DeeJay, Bon Jovi and Coolio.

8 tracks
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I gave you that song with the album name in japanese cause i couldn't find a translation. so i just was surprised by "Murdered By The Music" in a positive way :)

hey @Muschelrausch! what do you mean, do i have the title correct? i guess it could be on another album too. and i also like to consistently put years but these i rushed to publish in some instances. too anxious! :) i'll edit these eventually

thanks alin!! and thank you for being the first to congratulate me! i know this isn't entirely "my" mix though so mentally, i designated mix #201 as my 200th, not that it matters i guess... but yes, thank you! i can't believe it's that much already! i'm a fiend! :P

Ooooh well, actually I received your mail, but I was away from the internet for the last 2 weeks, so I just noticed it... OK, I'll send you something!! Thanks for thinking of me!

@Ogun!! i tried to send you a message through one of your mixes but i guess it doesn't automatically email you. pls email me at my hotmail email a track that answers the above question, pls by this sunday 4/17 if possible.