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The Anti-Party (rock/indie)13


Welcome to the A(u)nti(e)-Party! Here's to not celebrating my 500th! ;)

"Best of" sporadically within first 25 or so mixes + other fav's

Sixteen tracks done auntie style – noise rock and synthpunk followed by indie, followed by a little country and horrorcore - by artists including The Shins, Buzzcocks, and Belle & Sebastian.

(Sorry in advance for the volume changes, seems to fluctuate quite a bit for some reason; I apologize :( Hope you rock out to this anyway!)

15 tracks
5 comments on The Anti-Party (rock/indie)13

Sorry I missed the original party for your 500th.Quite an achievement and it seems you went to a lot of trouble doing annotations n all. Anyway congratulations and here's to 500 more. Love your work. Stay cool and keep happiness flowing. <3 :))

@verrierhill aw man! love your comments and when you drop by!! thanks so much! for all the recognition and support,.. you rock! i'm on a short vacay right now for auntie's bday but brought all my music stuff with me so i'm just chillin' (woo hoo!). hope you're doing really well! :) thx again for your kind words! <3

great listen :) loved hearing strangers . great song and dave played it when i saw him back in nov. cant wait for your next 500 mixes

@LCD316 dude!! thx for giving this a spin! when i put strangers, that's so funny, i did think of you and forgot if that was one of the songs you said he did,... unbelievable, i can't believe you got to see him perform that one live, that's one of my fav's for sure. my next 500 lol... :) thx so much man