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The Bollywood Programme / India Radio


Twelve tracks by artists such as Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, and Kishore Kumar.

Second bollywood tape submission! (This version without voice samples.) Wish me luck! And help me think of a title for my show. I'm going with "The Bollywood Programme" or "India Radio" or suggest one of your own. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy the show!

3rd sub:

1st sub:

12 tracks
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argh the "Music" Roti track is screwed up. some weird track is in its place. i swear i listened to this already all the way through. i don't know if i missed this or if this is a recent glitch. argh. i'm going to fix this. please give it another once through. maybe you also noticed something out of place the first time...?

ah!! and yet again, the computer geniuses of 8tracks fixed my mix!! Roti should sound as it should now. hope you'll give this another spin now that the proper track is there

1001 Bollywood nights? Bollywood express? Tandoori nights... oh wait, there's already a band with that name. Anyway I'm sure you'll find of something cool. Something related to indian food could be funny!

argh, my comment got all screwed up. anyway, i was just saying, thank you for the show title suggestions and thank you so much for the compliments. i'm excited to finish up the voice tracks tonight and send out the final demo cd tomorrow. can't wait!!! i hope all goes well...