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The Secret Seed (ralph + video)13

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did anyone check out the Units training video? it's a must-see!! it's completely insane!! let me know if anyone gets to see it... :) (link is above)

well, i shouldn't say "grew up on them." i only started listening to them in about '94. i guess it just feels like i've been listening to them for awhile b/c i actually listened to their albums on cassettes at one point and that seems like a long time ago...

that's so awesome you bookmarked this for future listening! so cool, thanks! yeah, this is one of my earlier mixes, where i didn't really follow the no-repeat artist thing... i didn't think i had enough stuff for the sound i wanted i guess. and about the residents, i realized, i used to listen to them growing up kinda, but i had everything on tapes and cd's and now, i had nothing on mp3! i freaked out and got Tune of Two Cities but that's not even one of the albums i had, i don't think. so yeah not a usual Residents choice, if there is such a thing, usual residents? does that go together?