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The Sound of Braincells Evaporating* (guilty 8tracks dj's part V)13


"A guilty pleasure song you may or may not be embarrassed to admit you love?"

How are our 8tracks DJ's answering this question...?
@KatamariCore* (credited for title; see below)
and me :)

Match the "shameful" track to the DJ above, or check out the responses below.

Eight tracks including music by Britney Spears, Destiny's Child and Dr Kucho! and Gregor Salto.

8 tracks
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no way man, yours rocks!! just like everyone else's! i love these guilty pleasure tracks. most of them aren't so bad actually, just embarrassing

hahaha!! awesome! thanks @sidekick!! you're too cool :) have you ever seen that movie The Other Guys? it's funny, there's this running joke where one of the characters is always quoting TLC and denying it... just reminded me of that, tee hee...

1) @waxwing - "Destiny's Child - Bootylicious"
2) @alin1618 - eurythmics love is a stranger -
3) @JoelCradle – "...I think the only thing I listen to that sends my friends reeling when I play it is Britney Spears. they can handle everything else just not that. I know I maybe shouldn't listen to it but I love it so much. I guess that defines a guilty pleasure :) "
5) @Ogun - "Here's 'Satan relaps', a song by a french 80's hard rock band called Warning,... The song is a tribute to reggae and Bob Marley (!!), though it's not obvious when you listen to it.
I'm a bit too young to have really known the 80's, but this song makes me think of those cheap horror movies I used to watch on VHS tapes, with cheesy hard rocking soundtracks and hilarious cover art..."
4) @Warbler – the flesh failures (let the sunshine in) – melba moore – hair – the original broadway cast recording
6) @leiwandesk - the way to your heart – soulsister
*7) @KatamariCore - Can’t stop playing (radio mix) – dr kucho! And gregor salto
"Ok this is pretty bad. 'Dr Kucho! and Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing (Radio Mix).' For the best effect put on repeat for at least 20 minutes. This is the sound of braincells evaporating.”
8) my handiwork - ordinary world – duran duran – definite guilt :P