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Then Make a Move Before You Try (pop/hip hop/rock)13


Eight tracks including music by Weird Al Yankovic, Dido and Eagle-Eye Cherry.

(I'm still up to no good... guilty tracks in this mix sure to make you cringe gleefully, or just cringe.)

8 tracks
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thank you for your honesty :) agreed with eagle eye cherry and eat it. i have to admit, i heard the EEC song on someone else's mix and was inspired. i so loved that song when it came out. i still sing along to it at the top of my lungs... when no one's around of course :P and eat it, omg i remember that from when i was a wee one... i was too little to pay attention to the words at the time but listening to it now... omg i can't stop laughing the whole way through. that weird al is a god! thanks for the heart and listen!

even though the YMCA is on this mix I had to like it because of Eagle Eye Cherry. Hadnt heard that song in ages plus Eat it is a classic *thumbs up*