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They Caused an Explosion (hardcore)13

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thanks for the great mixes. And listening into mine....Since my mixes are a seamless flow with various broken spoken words and sounds, the 8 tracks mix limits me. Will be headed for mixcloud and podomatic so do cath me there if you get time to listen to one out millions of people spinning stuff....

Do listen to my Kerouac mixes here since you are tuned in to teh Beatniks.

will drop a mix sooner or later here too...
bye for now

awesome! thx for the link! looking fwd to hearing more of your mixes! so the soundcloud Bagula vs. jack kerouac is a mix that you did?

the whole time i was listening i kept having the overwhelming sensation that i was about to be chased. thank you. i think.

i meant this as a compliment. only meant to imply your music has invoked a feeling in me, albeit strange. what you're doing is nothing short of noble. your lists are amazing.

well, same way i heard about all my hardcore i guess, through my friends. hardcore itself is pretty underground imo. hard to find anyone who likes this shit :P

and i listened to mainly french, german, and australian (and american) hardcore. maybe just a matter of time before i came across fischkopf. but i remember specifically, my friend who always knew the underground shit turned me on to fischkopf, along with nurse w wound, missing foundation,.. he was my go-to guy for industrial, hardcore, anything dark and hard!